Shotguns are amazing and OP as fuck

I always thought the people who run shot guns in this game are weird. I then tried it for myself and found it was simply AMAZING.

I was taking a new friend on a little money run on interchange, and figured I’ll try this shotgun shit out.

I ended up taking on a 3 man solo who were all meta as fuck. Slicks, m4s, and mutants.

I claimed them all with ease.

You don’t even have to be accurate when using them. The cheap ass buck shot rounds have 8 pellets, and almost no one actually runs visors, so as long as your somewhat in the head region and land a pellet you’re okay.

Like I said previously, ammo is cheap af which is amazing.

The best part is, if you somehow lose in PvP with this glorious beast of a weapon, almost no one picks them up.

It’s like a guaranteed return on insurance.

Blessed be those who follow the 12 laws of gauge


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