Would WoT be better as paid subscription?

It's not a secret to anyone that WoT creates many inconveniences (general economy, premium ammo/consumables, stock grind, crew training) to make player want to spend money on game to increase the level of comfort. What if instead of all that WG originally made WoT a paid subscription service but didn't force you to spend any more money to enjoy the game? Just imagine: tanks don't have any modules to grind and all guns (only actual alternatives that have their own pros and cons, like 12.8/15cm on E 100 or regular/autoloader on skoda T50) are available the moment you get the tank, each tank has its own crew that doesn't have to be trained, crew skills are available from the start and it's only up to you to create specific build (rebalance required, need to make all perks useful and maybe limit amount of perks so you have to choose one over another), alternative ammo that actually has a proper drawback instead of "gold" that's straight better most of the time, consumables and equipment are free but balanced the way so you sacrifice something by picking one over other, in-game currency exists only for purchasing cosmetics and maybe some collector's tanks that aren't in the tree (including premium tanks). Would you be willing to spend, let's say, 10-15$ a month to play the game like this, the game where you don't have to grind anything besides tech tree tanks, the game you can play to simply enjoy and not worry about many inconveniences current WoT has? Also, do you think this model would be more or less profitable for wargaming? Sure, they'd lose a lot of F2P players, but it might get compensated by keeping the rest of playerbase loyal to the game.

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