Should Horizons owners be able to land on atmospheric planets? (Once the servers are back together)

I might just be coping with the fact that i cant afford Odyssey, but hear me out:

So, if Frontier continues with the current style of DLCs (letting us land on a new type of planet each update, with basic small moons in Horizons and smaller planets with a thin atmosphere in Odyssey), it means that in the end you will have to pay a lot of money if you just want to land on every kind of planet.

Some players are only interested in exploring space and taking cool screenshots on the surface of planets, they don't care about all the new gameplay features like the combat, space legs etc. that Frontier adds with every update.

Also, what if something like the "new" Dav's hope or Jameson's crash site is found on an atmospheric planet. Some players would have an unfair advantage.

Maybe they could make a seperate dlc package, for like $5 that allows you to land on the new planets, with an option to upgrade to a full package that allows you to walk, do combat on foot, scan plants, walk in stations etc. Or just make it free, i wouldn't complain.

What do you guys think?


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