Should I trade in my FDL for a Krait MK2 or Python?

I have about 40 hours in ED and I have done nothing but bounty hunting missions. I find they are pretty fun, but I am also finding out that if I want to do basically anything else my FDL is completely worthless. And it looks like I am getting to the point where I need to do other stuff since I have to consider things like engineering and getting other sources of income. For the engineer grind in particular is looks like the FDL is almost completely worthless. I actually haven't even gotten a single material yet because I forgot to put a cargo scoop on any of my ships way back when. Plus, I'm really starting to not like how hard it is to get the FDL to other star systems.

I only have enough money to A rank just one of these ships, so getting multiples for now isn't possible.

I am kind of leaning towards the Krait MK2 since it looks like it does combat a bit better than a python, plus I get to try out the ship hangar.

I think in the future if I need a dedicated combat ship I might try out the alliance chieftan.


Edit: Was planning on getting an exploration ship, either the ASPX or DMBX regardless.


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