Shouldn’t the INT stat have an additional benefit?

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

There is not a single hero in the game who doesn’t want strength. It simply makes you more survivable to all forms of damage with the raw HP. Agility is great for all right clickers, with large amounts being appreciated by all heroes (high amount of armour).

Intelligence to me seems pretty underwhelming. Heroes like Invoker, or Void usually have enough mana to cast spells by the time they get an INT item anyways, with it only seemingly affecting heroes like OD or Storm who literally do damage based on their mana. Funnily enough, it feels like strength and agility heroes are the main benefiters of INT, since they don’t naturally get the mana they need to cast their spells with XP.

Heroes like Pugna, who already have ridiculous INT gain don’t do anything with their additional mana from say a force staff, and would much rather have strength honestly.

Perhaps reintroducing spell amp to the stat would be a good buff, as it would make INT more appealing to actual INT heroes (past the damage of course)?

Of course some additional tweaking would be needed for say OD or Storm, and perhaps would be too OP if it could be acquired by non-INT heroes, but I think it could he a step in the right direction.


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