Shout out to all the terrible Tarkov players that still enjoy the game

I mean that time when you took PP 5.45 ammo by accident.

Or M855…without the A1.

Or forgot all meds.

Or got so spooked when shot that you jumped and lost all sense of direction.

Or your survival rate is so low that a PACA and MP-133 is your default loadout.

Or you left your gun on single fire.

Or you forgot to take nades.

Or you just can't spot the enemy if your life depended on it.

Or if you're just kinda slow and reflexes can't keep up with the fortnite kids.

Or if you're just casual and can't spend your life learning Tarkov but you still jump in for a bit sometimes.

Or if you've been checking your map on your only monitor.

Or if you play on speakers with no directional sound.

Or if you play with no sound because the kid is sleeping.

Or if you left the flashlight on your secondary gun, oblivious that your ass is now shining like a beacon of Gondor in the darkness of Interchange.

Thanks to you I can kill someone once in a while and have a good raid. Thank you! You're the lifeblood of this game. I hope my gear will make your day if you get it via PMC kill or Scav run.

I salute you all.


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