Simpler portal system

New Valheim update

Would a multi-location portal system not work better?

Simply put any portal can access any other portal. So selecting a portal would bring a list of destinations, and you choose the appropriate one. By default it would be labelled with a biome and longitude and latitude point, because sure as day someone will forget to label it.

As much as I love the beautiful portal rooms some have built, I can't help feeling a less-is-more approach would be better. Say you've built a circular room with N portals, and in your wanderings you discover another awesome place to put a base. But your base design doesn't support an N+1 layout. You may also find your completed base build just doesn't support you adding more structures to it

By some rare occurrence, your base could potentially be wrecked in an attack, now the only reference you have of your individual portal names is your memory, if it's good enough, or if you've been diligently labeling portal pair name on your map. In the absence of those, it would be better if portal themselves are network that exists by merely adding or removing from it.



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