Does anyone think that STW being “absorbed” by Battle Royale COULD be a good thing for STW?

Now, hear me out, we all know the current state of affairs regarding how Save The World has been left on life-support, with most of the development team funneling their resources in favor of Battle Royale.

With the recent update which implemented changes to the Game Mode Select Screen, and Save The World being relegated to the Discover page, it's no secret that many within the STW community have been left with the bitter taste of disappointment, and obvious neglect by the development team, especially for the players who have invested in the Founder's Packs during the early-access days hoping their contribution would be like that of a GoFundMe/IndieGoGo page where being an investor would not only land you some nice perks but you would also see the completion of a specified passion project.

Founders Pack aside, those financial contributions seem to have been redistributed to the BR scene, where collaborations with media giants are aplenty, and while I openly admit to enjoying some of the many collabs, I am still left with the bitter disappointment of how Epic Games has chosen to disregard STW, and its community for the BR and that community. I'm not talking about skins, as much as I am about major changes to the map, storyline (or lore), and gaming mechanics (still can't crouch, much less slide).

Now, let me just clarify for a moment, as someone who played during the early days of STW, who was hella confused by the not-so-friendly User Interface, I am greatly appreciative of the changes STW has gone through, the menu screens are easier to navigate through, Legendary weapons were given a 6th perk, and last year, we saw the addition of Chaos Agent which has been a major game-changer for those with him in their loadout, especially those who have favored Outlanders since the beginning.

Now, while that may be something rather minimal in comparison to the constant updates Battle Royale has been getting since its inception, it's still nonetheless "something".

It's been leaked recently that STW is going to have another addition of a Hero in the game, the BR skin by the name of Gia, supposedly as an Outlander, and possibly the addition of the Primal Weapons, which were originally reskinned/repurposed weapons from the Black Metal set. Anyone who has played BR during Chapter 2, Season 5 can attest that the Primal Weapons function differently from the Black Metal set, aside from the Black Drum shotgun.

Possible weapon additions aside, should Gia be added, this would be the 2nd character from BR that made its way to STW since Epic Games slowed down development for STW.

Now, I might be stretching just a bit in saying that STW being relegated to the Discover page in BR COULD be a "good" thing… but, is it possible that with STW now being "part" of BR, that this could mean since they're no longer operating separately from BR, that now they have shared resources? Not just digital assets, but financial assets, as well? Is it possible this "one step back" could be a "five steps forward" type of situation where development will finally speed up?

I know it takes zero effort to dwell on the negative, because we'd rather not have any expectations of hope to look forward to, than risk the feeling of disappointment and being let down, but what good has anything ever come from that kind of thinking? It only serves to limit ourselves and the possibility for any kind of growth.

TL;DR: When two development teams love each other very much, yada yada


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