So I buffed some neutral cards

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So as CDPR has been revisiting cards than have become underpowered or are for whatever reason not played a lot. I thought it would be helpful to post what buff would be good to get them to playability. I started with neutrals. These are generally a power or provision buff but a change/rework would also be welcome although many of them don't need it.

Wagenburg – +1 Power – 1 Armor

Undying Thirst – Change to 3dmg 3bleeding. If that card already exists somewhere ignore this.
Peasant Militia/Wolf pack – Rework or some kind of bonded effect as others have suggested.

Oxenfurt Scholar – +1 Vitality Cutthroat – +1 bleeding

Iron Falcon Troubador – +1 Power or +4 armor to the unit in hand he targets.

Inspirational ballad – Change to 3boost 3vitality. If that card already exists somewhere ignore this.

Elder bear – +16 power. Lets get this bad boy where he needs to be. /s

Watchman – Rework I think is best.

Sandstorm – -1 provision.

Caravan vanguard – +1 power. With the already existing bonded effect this is a bit strong for a neutral. I think slightly too strong is better than way too weak and never seeing play. You have to draw both of these and play both of these in the same round to get two 5 for 8s. That's completely fine.

Caravan guard – Rework but keep the meme potential.

Wyvern scale shield/Mastercrafted spear/Sihil – Do something with these. Something where they see play but aren't part of a ridiculous no unit hand.

Arachas venom – -1 provision. Alternatively: +1 provision 4dmg to a single unit and 3 dmg to adjacent units with deathblow. Maybe you don't even need to add the provision…Would definitely see play then.

Thunderbolt – Not sure what to do here. It currently sees play in all of one deck. That deck is not particularly strong. Maybe -2 provisions.

Summoning circle – -1 provisions.
+1 provision Zeal. Order: Play a unit from your deck whose Recruit Cost is less than or equal to Summoning Circle's Charge count, then remove all Charges. Charge: 0. Every turn, on turn start, gain 1 Charge.

Prize-Winning Cow – -1 provision.

Prince Villem – -1 provision.

Nivellen – Revert to previous. +2 provisions and move all units. I think this would be fine now. It not this then add at least one unit to the move.

Johnny – Damage a random unit by 2 if Sarah is on board. Sarah – Boost a random unit by 2 if Johnny is on board.

Alternatively you could give them charges 1 and gain a charge whenever a special is played and then they can target the enemy/ally. Would need to boost provisions quite a bit. I'm not sure what would be the right number honestly.

Tesham Mutna sword – -1 provisions.

Skellige storm – Change to Skellige faction card. -1 provisions.

Gimpy Gerwin – Rework.

Fisher King – -1 provisions.

Count Caldwell – -1 provisions.

Wolfsbane – REWORK.

The Last Wish – -1 provisions or rework.

Sa’er Quan – Maybe some kind of prerequisite where he comes out with a shield?

Merigolds Hailstorm – -1 provisions or rework.

Marching orders – -1 provisions.

Gascon – REWORK.

Francis Bedlam – -2 provisions.

Cyprian Wiley – -1 provisions.

Commanders Horn – -1 provisions. I honestly wouldn’t even mind -2 provisions. A conditional 10 for 6 isn’t outrageous.

Unicorn/Chironex – Maybe rework?

Alzurs double cross – -1 provisions.

Tainted Ale – -1 provisions.

Stregobor – -1 provisions. I don’t know if buffing him is right because it’s basically a buff to Mill but still feel he’s a bit weak.

Manticore Venom – -1 provisions.

Gregoire de Gorgon – +2 power.

Eskel: Pathfinder – -1 provisions.

Zoltan: Scoundrel – +1 power.

Royal Decree – -1 provisions.

Regis: Bloodlust – -2 provisions.

Phoenix – +2 power.

One-eyed Betsy – -1 provisions.

Ocvist – +1 power.

Geralt: Aard – -2 provisions.

Gaunter O’Dimm – +1 power.

Enraged Ifrit – Rework.

Colossal Ifrit – Rework or +1 power.

Carlo Varese – +1 power. This might not be enough.

Villentretenmerth – -1 provisions.

Uma Curse – -1 or 2 provisions.

Triss: Butterflies – -2 provisions or rework.

Sihil – Rework.

Saesenthessis: Blaze – +1 power.

Dandelion: Poet – -1 provisions.

Aguara: True Form – -1 provisions.

Vigo’s Muzzle – -1 or 2 provisions.

Ale of the Ancestors – -2 provisions.

Shupe’s Day off – Shupe hasn’t had a buff in almost 3 years. I think the buff should be in his abilities rather than lowering provisions. Not going to list all his abilities but decent power/dmg buffs across the board.

That is my list for neutrals. Let me know what you think.


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