Gameplay tips from a guy that doesn’t like losing.

As the title suggests, I love the game and I've used a lot of strategies that I noticed most players don't. So far they're tried and true with only a little bad news.


Don't vote someone out just for calling a meeting

  • Yes it's annoying and we want them to stop. People who do that are hoping for a reaction and the most effective deterrent is to calmly encourage other crewmates to skip
  • Don't call them out or write in caps, they'll just do it to the next lobby when they're kicked
  • 9/10 times they're not the imposter, so you're effectively making the game easier to lose by off-ing a crewmate

Trust direct accusations (early game)

  • If there's like 50-80% of the crewmates left alive, trust a direct accusation. No imposter would accuse someone that early because they know they'd be sus if they're wrong.

Not killing isn't an alibi

  • Its a strategy.
  • Trust no one that hasn't been explicitly cleared by you or someone else who is also trustworthy

Neither is fixing sabotages

  • Its a great imposter move to gain trust from gullible crewmates


  • If someone seems sketchy or you just wanna be sure, leave the room when another player enters and watch the door. Give it a second and go back in to check for bodies.
  • Bad news: This one is hard to get people to believe if crewmates call you out for standing in the hallway. You can try, though.

Stop simping


Watch Cameras

  • They blink red when they're on, and you can always check security to know exactly where they start and end.
  • The area by Communications is watched, but I personally always forget because I haven't noticed a camera there (maybe there isn't one?)
  • The vent in Navigation hallway is visible on camera, avoid using it unless you're certain the cameras are off.
  • Don't exit a room you vented into if the cameras are on. They're watching for exactly that. However:

Try to vent after a kill

  • The most common way to get caught is walking away from the body or dancing over it when you don't know what to do next. Have an exit strategy!
  • Be sure to check for people watching you before a kill as per the tip for crewmates above^
  • Alternatively, sabotages before a kill, which leads to:


  • It's a great distraction if you want to move players to a part of the map away from the body
  • It's also effective at preventing emergency meetings, they literally cannot be called during sabotages
  • Fixing sabotages can also gain the trust of gullible crewmates
  • Bad news: Body's can still be reported

Accuse witnesses ASAP

  • People apparently don't think to do this very often, but if you're the first person to accuse in the chat, you're more likely to be trusted because people heard you first.
  • Make it more believable by providing General details about how you caught them, but be careful not to create a whole story. That's a tell-tale signature of a lie.
  • Bad news: It works best in late game, but can be tricky if someone already cleared the crewmate you accused. Then you're just out of luck, should have had an exit strategy!

Important for multiple Imposters:

Don't vouch for the other imposter(s)

  • This one may seem unusual, but bare with me
  • If people are onto your fellow imposter, the least suspicious thing you can do is play along. Ya hate to see it, but it's not as bad as ratting them out.
  • This includes being their alibi. One time, the other imposter vouched for me out of nowhere, saying we both did Asteroids. BAD IDEA.
  • They even promoted me to confirm after I ignored it, so I begrudgingly agreed… People were already onto them, and they got voted out that round. I was next.
  • Trying to vouch for the other imposter ruins the anonymity when one of you is caught.
  • Bad news: They might get mad at you for not vouching for them and rat you out. Trust your gut, you didn't do anything wrong.

I'd say "Don't rat on the other imposter"

  • But I'd be talking to the same audience that calls emergency meetings for no reason.

TLDR: Tips for Crewmates and Imposters that I've found a lot of players don't utilize, which often leads to defeat.

Let me know if you guys have any others!


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