So… it’s that time of the year again?

Putting aside the tremendous ammount of server desync that has been happening, thus causing people to come here and post about it, is there also a possible wave of cheaters coming by?

I've been running Reserve and Interchange quite a lot, and not pointing fingers but I've seen some mad sus things. I had a "friend" that came and bought EFT about three to four weeks ago, I was in a call with him and we played some raids since he was new to the game, he was kicking butt and I thought he was very good and adapted well to the game , til one day at 4am I saw his discord stream and caught him red handed cheating in a solo customs raid with Wallhacks only. So… after calling him out and finding out he was lying since day one, he survived EFT without a HWID ban for… two damn weeks. Thats enough time to ruin your whole experience.

The cheat costed 20 euros for a month, he said. He got banned two days after this printscreen.

2019/2020 Flashbacks are coming back, bsg.

Whoever does not believe me here is me and a friend with him when we caught it attached to this post

(I dont support cheating in EFT in ANY FORM OF WAY so don't accuse me of playing with someone I did not knew what he was doing)


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