so i’v learned where all the new players are being sent, and its not new player mode.

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to summarize, bad loss streak, 13 to be precise, fun stuff.

so got "overwatch punished" because apparently playing poorly is somehow greifing? ok.

anyways sucking it up, went to bed, gotta win one low prio game, cant be to hard right?

im currently on my 5th 9th low prio game, the toxicity is real but the thing im noticing is how incredibly "bad" some of these players are, like beastmaster using ulti to farm ancient creeps kinda bad, so i dug deeper, investigated each accounts data and to my surprise nearly all of them have less than 100 matches, most being below 50.

and it clicked, people are abusing the overwatch system to send new players to low priority instead of pushing new players into new player mode, and this is where the majority stigma of "dota is so hardcore the community is more toxic than Chernobyl" is likely coming from since most new players are meeting some of the most foul players withing 20 matches due to the report system.

edit: to further add insult to injury, you cannot queue up for new player mode while in punishment mode, meaning those new players will likely never get out till someone else carries them out.


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