So when will Secure Containers finally be fixed?

Ever since the "Found in Raid" mechanics were added, secure containers have become close to useless. Used to be if you put a valuable item in the secure container, you were good. Now, if you die – the item becomes practically useless, as normal traders will buy it for scraps.

I understand it was done to prevent hatchet running, but fixing one problem we've created a new one. Spend an entire raid looting up and die at the very end? Congratulations, you've pretty much just lost everything, including that graphics card in your Gamma that the trader will now buy for 10k.

Solution to this without encouraging hatchet running again, is to make it if you've been in the raid for over 10 (15?) minutes, all the items you put in your Gamma are "found in raid" regardless if you die or not. The principle of hatchet running is to grind as many games as you can, spawn, grab valuables, suicide -> repeat. All as quickly as possible, so it's unlikely this will make hatchet runners AFK for 15 minutes for the "found in raid" status on the items, and if it does – well I guess you've earned it.

It's ridiculous right now. I paid $140 just for a bigger secure container, and now that's been made practically useless, feels like a scam to me.

I can't be the only one feeling this way?


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