Some opinions after watching the tournament

witcher gwent cards

-isnt it the time to add 1 more mulligans to each rounds, i mean look at gravesh games, what he could really do? how you can be a really competitive player if games are decided like that

-how balance safecrackers, paja games they were literally 4 power, i mean ppl say to remove intimidade but then he is just a worse elite of venendal imo even if increase base power and remove deploy, no one will play it, look at others intimidates, they need to be played ealier but u also want to play your crimes ealier a lot of times to deny some engines, if they nerf them they will be just useless as the others

-ppl claims that DC is OP but lets be real NG plays DC for the provs, if dc provs was nerfed they will just play another leader with more provs like imprisionment (like some other players brought), beside not being good to face because its really awkward to play around the thing it stills a luck leader like it was proved in many matches the most remarkable one being gravesh DC into tuirseach invader and an craite invader


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