Sound Settings? Has anyone ever spent any real time with them.

Evening all,

Just wondering if there are any sound boffins out there that have spent any real time with the sound settings in Windows to improve tarkov.

Watching the likes of pestily play it seems insane the distances at which he can't hear people and with such accuracy. Windows has that many settings when it comes to sound I feel like its jisy a mine field.

Stereo or 7.1 dolby

Any enhancements on such as base management, virtual surround, room correction, loudness equalisation.

It doesn't get much easier when you head into the other tabs either.

How many hz do you use studio or lower. Do you use spacial sound on or off.

I recently bought myself a set of sennheiser headphones with he gsx 1000 amp and even the settings on this I'm not convinced are correct. Maybe we can get a thread together to try and help myself and the rest of the community out.


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