Stealth gameplay (other than camping) is nonexistent in this ‘tactical’ shooter

Does anyone wish that stealth (not counting straight up camping) actually had prevalence in this game? Crouch walking is just not worth it because of how ungodly slow it is. Couple this with the extreme peeker's advantage that this game has, and it becomes obvious that trying to sneak up on players is pointless. If a player happens to run into you while you're crouch walking, you are going to die unless they have the reaction time of a sloth.

Take a game like CS:GO or Valorant. People actually value discreetness because they know they'll have the advantage if they can flank someone or hold an angle and catch them off. Not the case in Escape from Tarkov. Because of the horrendous desync causing both sound delay and peeker's advantage of upwards of an entire second, why take the risk of someone, indirectly or directly, peeking you? Watch any popular EFT streamer; they almost never crouch walk because they know it blows ass.

There is almost no nuance to gunfights in this game. Instead, you get CoD-like gameplay where people are literally running at each other and spraying.

And why is the covert movement skill fucking useless? If you're playing against competent players, then the only thing that matters is if you're audible or not. Quieter footsteps doesn't mean shit unless it will allow me to move at a faster pace while still maintaining the sound profile of crouch walking. I don't know why that skill says, "Increases the speed of covert movement," because that's bullshit.

Please BSG, can you make an aggressive-stealth style actually exist in your game? You know those scenes where the BEARs sneak attack the USECs in the locker room? I wanna do that without moving at a snail's pace please.


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