Stop “making it better” Epic

Why does Epic keep changing things. The new locker (I know its been put for a while) is horrible for anyone not kn PC. I used to be able to quickly get to new items in my lockers. Not so much anymore.

Putting everything in one menu is also a pain when you want to leave your party, leave a game or if you do STW, switch from BR over.

When I load into any game my lobby music plays until I'm in game. stw it was playing for the first 2 minutes.

90% of the skins I see are Default, but they just won't load for me…makes bounties hard to do.

Just did a STW game where some effect was added that made everything damn near black thought it was cause I was underground……nope. just dark for the rest of the game after that.

I get they modify things, but I wish they would keep console players in mind as we end up slightly screwed over.

Not sure if I'm the oy one feeling g this way or if everyone else has some.crazy shortcuts that you've been using.

Some stuff is cool, but others feelike I'm being punished for playing on console.


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