Story of Jimmy, Valheim

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This is the story of Jimmy.

He came to us in the night and murdered our boars. We had a trial and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Jimmy caught

Over the days we have grown fond of Jimmy, he was very docile even when we entered to clean his holding cell.
We have upgraded his holding cell and he had more room for activities.

Jimmy new cell

We have fought to keep him alive during all the invasions. He was moved to a smaller cell because there was some planned roadwork in the following days.
Here is Jimmy in the midst of an invasion from the Swamp, we managed to save him.

Me and Jimmy vs the Surtling armada

After the Surtling invasion we have reinforced his temporary cell.
This is me taking a break before going back to work, Jimmy in the background.

Jimmy serving his sentance

During a great battle with the Swamp invading our base, Jimmy has been killed.
Even though he was just an inmate, i miss him and must do something to remember him as he was a very good prisoner.

Jimmy's empty cell

After his death, we buried him near his cell.
Now, after defeating the final challenge in Valheim, Yagluth, I take a moment to remember Jimmy.

Jimmy's grave

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