Struggling to settle, struggling to move.

So i'm just reaching the "Iron Age" as me and my brother call it, I have some Iron Bars and I'm transitioning from Bronze.

My problem right now is that I have really big ideas for the base I have at the moment. Huge ramp leading to the beach, a jetty for my boat so you can side load rather than reversing in or out, just pull out. Under the home smithy that is accessible from the ramp for when I get huge hauls so I can just drag the cart through the smithy, unloadall my ores and materials and then drag the cart back up the house proper to disperse everything else, all these ideas.

But I desperately want to move. My first island is getting kinda empty and I terraformed quite a lot.
There's a huge gouge next to my base that I thought was cool, but now I wish I had just tried to make the inclines smoother rather than making a wedge into the ground. It's hideous. With these huge ugly bare walls either side.
The meadows and half of the nearest forest are just barren except some basic trees. It's freaking disgusting to look at.

I really want to move into the mountains or something, but i need more Iron to survive, so I need to go boating and set up a decent crafting area to do it. So I need to put more time into my base to do that. BUT I don't want to spend any more time on a base that i'm just gonna bail on in like 6 hours of gameplay. And then again, the messed up terrain I will be leaving behind…

So now I'm being pulled from 2 directions. I wanna do these base ideas, but I wanna go onto better stuff. Anyone getting this? Just full of ideas and regrets from decisions you've made but feeling sort of cornered on what to do next?

I know I could just make a new world, and the seed will probably be better than the one I have. Right now It takes forever to get anywhere because it's just 70% meadows on the 3 islands I have been to, I have to port to the swamp and sail back with ores, and that damn wind is never with me…

Is it worth just moving over to a new world or doing all of my plans and just dismantling the current base later and try to fix the environs?

I don't really have a point if I'm honest, i just really need to get this out there and to have someone know I'm struggling

I love this game, there's just so much freedom and I don't have the capacity for it.


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