STW Team: I’m disappointed

I promised myself not to make another rant post about this game as all suggestions made by the community fall to deaf ears anyways, but I think this needs to be heard. It’ll also be my last post on this subreddit because even writing this feels like a waste of time.

I’ve been playing (read: grinding) this game since early 2018. I loved it, I love the building, the mechanics, the trapping and unfortunately there’s still no other game that comes close. If there is, please let me know 😊 So I have done all the events, have all the schematics, spent way too much money on supporting this game through buying the Ultimate Edition, experienced and loved the first Frostnite, loved building epic stuff for endurance when it first came out and was excited about the release of the MSK. All of these things were good yet always overshadowed by a million bugs and a game developer not interested in treating their loyal community with the respect they deserve.

I’ve stuck with this game through so many horrible bugs and downright disrespect from Epic Games:

  • The crashes and network errors; it’s so much fun to have the game crash on wave 30 in endurance or Frostnite. I can’t even fathom the amount of times this happened to me, but it’s easily over a 100 times.
  • The SSD wipes; stormshield being completely wiped of all builds and traps and not getting decent compensation.
  • Backpack wipes; however somwhat refunded for most players, the fact that this is a returning bug is beyond me.
  • The lag, oh god the lag, especially in longer missions even on a good gaming PC.
  • Husks phasing through structures.
  • Husks damaging objectives through structures and terrain.
  • The faulty afk/leeching system when it first launched
  • Cross spawns in SSDs, which was a bug but was later smoothed over by Epic by saying it was always supposed to be that way. Still waiting on Stonewood, Plankerton and Canny to be fixed btw.
  • Weapons, abilities and trap perks being broken.
  • Heroes being broken.
  • Unique endgame “content” like MSK weapons being able to be dropped to low PL players upon launch and later on the ability to taxi Stonewood players to the MSK.
  • Taking the game out of early access with the dowright disrespectful statement that the storyline was complete. What happened tot he Twine storyline we’ve been waiting on since 2018?
  • The trading and scamming not being dealt with properly.
  • Not giving a decent compensation to Ultimate Edition owners like myself and giving the contents of the pack away for free.
  • And not everyone might agree, but as a dedicated player like myself, I hated seeing the return of the OG Frostnite banner last year in a watered down version of what was once the best gamemode in STW.
  • The lack of communication from the dev team and the blatant ignoring of almost all player feedback.
  • The release of ventures as a last effort, by means of FoMo, to keep players hooked on this dead game.
  • And lastly not as relevant to me cause I have all items in the game, but I think it was quite telling: the limitation to 3 birthday llamas as a means to keep players from being able to complete their collection book and therefor keeping them attached to this game as long as possible.

So after enduring all of this, I took a year long break from STW when they first released ventures and took the game out of early access. I had enough, it was the final straw. I didn’t see the point in playing anymore even though I had loved playing this game for years.

But since there’s no real competitor (fingers crossed for someone developping a game like this) I decided to return a few weeks ago. To play it casually and solo, that last thing mostly because all my dedicated friends have also quit by now. I’ve grinded through 50 ventures levels this season all while enjoying the “failed to lock profile” message after every mission. And yesterday I grinded the PL160 EtS mission for my weekly to get the stupid hero supercharger. The things I encountered during those 10 missions were so off putting:

– I had 3 network errors which resulted me in being disconnected from the game and losing all materials.

– I got a shelter which was sunk into the environment making it impossible to do a decent build.

– And lastly, my favorite bug, in one mission the shelter took damage through the environment below. It’s so nice to see this bug not being fixed even though a friend reported it as early as 2019 (and maybe others reported it even before that).

At this point I’m not expecting anything to get fixed anymore ever. I’m also not angry anymore, at least through the bugs the game felt exactly like it was years ago. Some things never change. Yet I am severly disappointed and wondering when and if Epic Games will ever treat their paying customers with the respect they deserve. Doing so by answering questions and feedback and fixing old bugs which have been pointed out by their community for years now. But most of all I feel like an apology is necessary, cause the disrespect towards their playerbase is downright appaling.

So that’s it again for my current adventure in STW. After only a few weeks I’ve had enough already. Maybe I’ll check in again in a few years to see if things are still the same, which they most likely will be. If they haven’t pulled the plug by then, which arguably might even be the best way to go.


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