Suggestion: No buckshot for AI scavs, only slugs

Overall I love the improved scav AI. I like that they act more player-like, I like that you have to respect them. I love that scav bosses and their guards are gnarly, and require strategy to kill.

But damn if I don't hate getting magnum buckshotted to the Head, Eyes from 50 yards by some random AI scav in a bush while I'm running at a full sprint. This has happened to me multiple times since the AI updates, and every time I've been wearing a helmet and level 4+ armor.

I feel like giving scavs only slugs, rather than buckshot, would help to keep them scary, but drastically reduce the RNG factor of getting annihilated at range. Their potential damage output would stay high, but the huge randomness of face-seeking pellet spread would be taken away.

People will say "that's Tarkov", and sure, sometimes you just get owned by the game. You can't really get mad at the occasional random death to AI because of bad luck or carelessness. But in my opinion, the crazy spread of buckshot, or maybe some quirk about how it is programmed, just leads to frustrating experiences that – when they happen – really suck.


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  • Leon Metzen 11.12.2020 in 03:29

    Just got Kölleda by a scav in 3 quick shots with poleva 6 slugs. On about 75m+ distance. The ammo ist not the problem but the fact that one scav is a peasant with no eyes and the other got an aimbot…so random

  • Leon Metzen 11.12.2020 in 03:30


  • Leon Metzen 11.12.2020 in 04:16

    Also they are shooting realy fast and precise with semi automatic shotguns on any distance. Ignoring recoil… Rediculus

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