Suggestions for my build?

Hello CMDRs, happy holidays. Lately I've been working on engineering up this DBS I've had since starting out a few months ago, it was my second ship purchase. This is the proposed final build I'm currently shooting for.

I'm not finished with the engineering, with most parts modified to at least G3 and about half currently have experimentals. All 4 weapons and FSD are at G5 with experimental already. I still have a few engineers to unlock so I need to do that obviously to finish the build.

I love the packhounds, they're so fun and cool, and the rails I chose because I can't have class 1 PA's but maybe some LR beams I have would be better? I also am considering plasma slug for the rails so ammo will be less of a concern. I run shieldless, all of my HRP's being G3 currently and armor G4 with experimental to balance resists; the ship is agile enough that I can usually stay behind my target, though I'm open to suggestions.

DBS build:

I actually used 2A lightweight scanners, not the 2D listed

Apologies in advance for any issues mobile posting causes


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