Taking the wind out of your sails

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First of all thanks CDPR, genuinely some great new stuff in patch 9.0…

…I just wish I could have the chance to enjoy it. Alas, for 10 out of the last 17 games it has been:





I so want to enjoy the new stuff in NR for example. The revised siege cool down approach and a mages and spells build are both great fun, in principle. It’s just not possible when all you find is Nilgaard, seemingly designed to make strategy of other factions a waste of time. So much setup, such easy counters. After such heavy and salty losses, I’ve taken to just Forfeiting Nilfgaard match-ups. However, when they reach 60% all wind is taken out of my sails.

I just don’t have any enthusiasm left to try the other factions right now, I need to take a break from what should be such a great time to play.

I’ll just throw this out there for the wolves. Would it be worth removing Nilfgaard and risk losing 1/6th of the playing community for the sake of retaining or making 5/6th have a more enjoyable experience?

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