Tarkov used to be better…

This is how I looked like at level 10 – https://ctrlv.link/t8bf. You know why? Because of flea market. Flea market ruins the game idea of 'scavenge and then use the gear'. Why would I do that when I can hatchling run Reserve and find hell lot of Tetrizes and GPU's, then just buy gear for the money I got from there.

It'd make the game much more realistic if there wouldn't be a flea market…

If I could do something it'd be this – 2 major servers, one without flea, one with flea. (You could change servers if you wanted to, but not the loot. Basically you'd have 2 characters.)

A few years ago, when you found an AK74 it was a holy grail. Now everyone is running slicks and m4's. Of course I get that everytime there's gonna be players, who play it 24/7 and they are gonna have all the gear on the server without flea, but it'd make it much more enjoyable.

Few more things – CMS's. When someone messes up your leg irl you can't walk. CAN'T! You can crawl or your buddies can drag you. Like in this picture – https://ctrlv.link/FTOt. You could use a firearm while being dragged.

Your vital zone – Doesn't have to be some 3D exact-copy-of-a-human type of shit. Make just a simple vital zone (Brain, Heart and a Spine – instakill) Pneumothorax – some debuffs, whatever… You'd be scared to do something, because you'd die most of the time.

I probably know, that this is gonna have zero impact on the game, but I just wanted to share what do I and my friends (One of them used to do military stuff, so he knows what's this about..) think…

EDIT- Thing to things

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