Thargoid Hunting tactics

hey everyone. I've got several hundred hours in the game and thargoid hunting is basically the only activity I haven't tried so I'm just getting into it. I've watched some tutorials about cold orbiting and such but then I stumbled across this:

credit to "Aranionros Stormrage" on Youtube. Here is the build he/she linked:

They appear to be taking advantage of a "cooldown" phase after heart destruction, during which the thargoid doesn't move, but you have a limited time to dps the shield down and gauss cannon the next heart before they start moving again.

Just curious if this tactic is still viable before I spend a ton of time and credits outfitting a Corvette for this. There are a few things I'm changing about the build, like D-rating for sensors and life support and charge-enhanced for the distributor, but I welcome any thoughts there as well. Thanks all. Hopefully you find the video interesting.


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