The brutality of this game is unprecedented

Doing the 25 kills on Shturman current and this is the most depressed I've been playing this game… The amount of times I killed him and someone else sniped me from nowhere before getting the loot is actually cancerous. I've never felt more frustrated while playing this game, clearing the whole mill just to have 3 man scav group roll on me. Or some opportunist guy with a Mosin snipe me in the head two seconds after killing Shturman…

This tasks has to be the most frustrating task in the entire game because even when you manage to complete it, the fact that someone else stole the loot feels even worse than if you hadn't earned that kill yourself. At least with the Killa one there's no bodyguards chasing you around, you have a chance most of the time to loot him and check his pockets, with Shturman I've never seen more competent guards. These guys will hunt you, they don't give a flying f… By the time you've killed Shturman and the guards it's basically 100% guaranteed that some vulture is going to have eyes on you.

I am seriously considering not doing this task due to the pure anguish and pain you feel when someone else pockets the loot you've worked so hard for. I simply have to give this task the cancer award, just pure frustration and disappointment. No quest has made me want to take a break from the game to cool off more than this one. I hated woods already but the amount of rats this map has surpasses every other map…


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