The excessive realism is choking the “game” out of the game.

I feel it’s becoming more and more clear that more realism being added into the game is causing it to stray from being an actual game to just a brutal experience that isn’t fun for most players. The recent addition of weapon jamming especially exacerbates this problem, as I can’t think of any other shooter game that features weapon jamming and remember it being fun. This game has been adopted by a very competitive group of people, me being one of them, and I feel they make up a large portion of the audience of this game. Being screwed over by “realism” makes playing a game feel like less of a game and more of a fight against the game holding you back. Each wipe since I’ve started playing has added more and more things to slow it down and make it more exhausting to actually try and PLAY for fun. It’s simply frustrating watching the things that me and my friends enjoy about the game getting stripped away in favor of a more chore filled experience. Does anyone else feel this way?


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