Really giving up on trying to get my heirloom.

Getting up to level 350 myself, but still seeing all these people before lvl 100 or people around 200 who've actually bought loot packs, get their heirloom package, and even people before lvl 300 getting 2 heirloom packs, yet I'm never lucky enough in life. I see people over level 500 comment that they still are awaiting that legendary pack they've been grinding for when people who just start this game get luck granted to them before they even spend a dollar. WTF EA/Respawn… What's the sense in having a fan base if you don't please the fans and just cater to the people who've constantly called you "another Fortnite"? I'll continue playing the game, because I do actually love it, along with Titanfall, but this is a lil outrageous that you don't care about the fans you've always had. I played when you came out, was lead astray from season one to five, but came back with a vergence. I'm not asking for a "hand-me-out" but a lil love to the people who got you where you are would be genuinely appreciated. All I have to say…


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