The Manticore Oppressor could do with a serious buff when compared to other weapons. We’re at Update 8 it’s been untouched and feels really bad to use.

The Oppressor is quite literally, and I'll be honest, the worst of the Plasma weapons and probably the worst of all the weapons in the game right now.

I get that it's meant to be a jack-of-all-trades assault rifle that's meant to be good for both shields and armour without the need to swap but it doesn't really feel like it does all that good at either of those roles, I see why Frontier wouldn't want it to be too good at its role but right now, it just straight up sucks.

The slow bullet velocity and low fire rate as well as the incredibly low damage, even at full engineered Grade 5 just feels so bad and unwieldy at times. Hell, at Grade 5 it has the same DPS stat as the Grade 3 AR-50 (Kinetic AR) with no modifications on either. I spent a few hours helping my faction over the past week running around with one to try and get a feel for it and see what was up.

Even when in a conflict zone, seeing an AI fire one at me and watching as 90% of their rounds miss is laughable. The other three plasma weapons at least hit like a truck and feel good to use, hell, I run the laser SMG and kinetic assault rifle in combat zones at that feels way more consistent than whatever the Manticore Oppressor is supposed to be.

I feel Frontier needs to take a look at the weapon balancing regarding this gun, increase its base damage a bit and increase the bullet velocity so it doesn't feel like shooting nerf darts at someone.

This weapon could have a perfect place as the "jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none" rifle but it's just far from that place right now and I'm kinda sad we've gone through 8 updates (soon to be 9) and haven't seen any kind of pass on the Oppressor and it's still in that miserable Odyssey launch state cause right now, one clip can take out a single person, maybe two if you get lucky with it and actually land your shots.

It's a shame because in terms of aesthetic, the Oppressor has got to be one of my favourite weapon designs out there at the moment, it's just a shame the weapon has the damage output and bullet velocity of a wet sponge for its role and purpose.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this weapon and maybe try and get some feedback out there for the devs.


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