[FIX] NO or Little Stutters FOR ALL PCs


Use Auto Ram Cleaner. Use Only The Physical Cores for i7=8-12-16 Cores Only. i3-i5=2-4-6 Cores do not use it. All PCs Leave Grass Shadows Checked. Even If You See 30 FPS Only. I Have Now 60-70 Stable At All Maps in 1080p I5-4690 RX470 3200Ram 1Tera 7200RPM HDD.

actually ultra shadows and overall visibility and shadow visibility and anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering in on all time (no Stutters will happen like in per texture option) and grass shadow force the cpu to give gpu full tasks to handle 80% use so the cpu will end in %50 use even if its 2 cores like i3 3.2hz if you put it in low the cpu will take the full task and it will be in 100% use and gpu in 20% use and Stutters happen frequently because the cpu in 100% use bottle naked

and lobby fps limit to 30 fps to slow task on cpu to not give Stutters like un 60 fps because they use 120 fps and 30 fps in same time engine like in old scope problems so if you run to new enemy in 200ms you will have no Stutters like in old one shadow visibility 40ms and lobby fps limit to 60 fps with the new loot in enemy the loading times is huge in that range with higher fps so pc will bottle naked again

do not overclock your cpu or gpu or rams and do not use raid in hdd this will give you less fps

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lrzmcn/fix_no_or_little_stutters_for_all_pcs/

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