The Mods That Changed My Valheim Experience

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

Here are some mods that I found on the Nexus that add a lot to the game and gives you stuff to do after beating all of the bosses. All of these are compatible with Vortex and have their own configurations that you can tweak in-game using F1.

Prerequisite mods:

BepinExPack (This is the only mod that is not on the Nexus, more on how to install it at the bottom.)

Extended Item Data Framework

Jotunn the Valheim Library


Game-Changing mods:

Epic Loot (Adds enchanting, bounties, and loot drops from enemies.)

Magic Overhaul (Adds spells and classes that you can choose from.)

Creature Level and Loot Control (Adds up to 5 star enemies with different resistances and weaknesses; also applies to bosses!)

Quality of Life mods:

Craft From Containers (Lets you pull items from nearby chests for crafting. Works on windmills, smelters, cooking pots, fermenters, and anything else that is used for crafting.)

Minimal Status Effects (Alters the HUD to make the active effects icons smaller and puts them under your mini-map.)

Equipment and Quick Slots (Adds slots for armor, your utility, and three slots for food/potions.)

Better Archery (Alters arrow physics slightly, allows you to zoom when aiming, and adds a quiver that you can hold up to three stacks of arrows in.)

Equip Wheel (Adds a wheel that you can select items from your hotbar with. This is especially useful for those who use a controller.)

Slope Combat Fix (Makes it where you can hit enemies above or below you.)

Torches Eternal (Torches and fireplaces automatically restock themselves with fuel.)

Floors are Roofs (As it is titled, floors can be used as roofs.)

Plant Everything (A controversial one I'm sure, but it allows you to plant berry bushes, thistle, mushrooms, and dandelions. It also allows you to plant flax and barley in any biome.)

Teleport Wolves (Lets you take wolves through portals.)

Keezy's Better Wolves (Silences tamed wolf howls, and can be configured to alter your tamed wolves' health.)

No Death Penalty (Skills no longer decrease when you die.)

Bonus mods:

Seed Totem (Build a totem that automatically plants seeds/plants.)

First Person View (Scroll all the way in to enter first person view.)

Steps on installing BepinExPack:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Manual Download"
  3. Once downloaded, extract the files
  4. Open Vortex
  5. Go to Valheim
  6. Click "MODS" in the sidebar
  7. Drag the file "BepinExPack_Valheim" from your extraction into the "Drop File(s)" area in Vortex (you do not need any of the other files that came with the extraction)

To wrap up this post, I want to thank all of those who put time into making these amazing mods. You guys are adding hours on top of hours to this game, and it is incredible!

If you have any questions about any of these mods or have any you would like to recommend, let me know!

Disclaimer: I know some of these fly in the face of what the devs have pictured for the game. These are just my personal recommendations.


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