The Power of the Bride – The maths.

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There seems to be a lot of people who are overestimating the power of Bride of the Sea, so possibly worth a fresh thread to point it out.

If you want her to play as a Giga/Freya res, so you need to have 2 rain triggers on board when it's your turn to play her. If you play Tears the turn before you want to play her, Tears will add the counter 2, and immediately trigger, so when it's your turn again, there is only 1 turn of rain on the board. This means she can only pull a 5p alchemy from Grave. This is the same with Storm.

Currently you only have 2 options to ensure she can pull a 6p from the grave.

  1. Either you use a leader charge at the start of the turn before you play her (the best way)
  2. You play Torrential Rain the turn before, which spawns rain for 3 turns, ensuring you have a counter of two as your next turn begins. (Avallac'h makes this less of a slow painful play, but he's expensive)

Similarly, if you want to resurrect Sigdrifas Rite, you must have a counter of 1 at the start of your turn, and then spend both leader charges before playing Bride, or have 2 turns of playing Torrential Rain followed by one leader charge.

This could all be redundant based on what the final SK reveal is, and any other tweaks to be made, but this is how it stands at the moment.


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