Low tiers is nasty

I got the Valentine from the Alienware Arena giveaway and gave it a go to see what it was like, because even though I've owned it in the past I have never used it(not too bad btw)

This is my first run-in with anything lower than tier 5 in.. wow, several thousand battles. I immediately noticed nothing but premium rounds hitting me, but badly, and with what I'm assuming was auto-aim. I see the usual name calling and angry messages and note that nothing has really changed from tier 10 except the tanks. Same stupid shit happening, same battle playing out as it usually does.

Anyway, I went down the list of names on my enemy team and thus were the results

39,000 battles

55,000 battles

97,000 battles

46,000 battles

30,000 battles

7,000 battles

805 battles

385 battles

23,000 battles

174 battles

10,000 battles

25,000 battles

16,000 battles

43,000 battles

91,000 battles

The people with less than 1,000 battles were the last three players on their team with 0 damage. I understand some people don't want to play higher tier battles because it's either too expensive or too hard, but this can't be healthy for the game. If I were some new player with 20 battles and kept getting rocked every match by someone close to 100k battles I probably wouldn't stick around much longer.

I know the player-base is already low for NA but keeping gold slinging clubbers away from new players might help the game grow a bit more.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/e2bs90/low_tiers_is_nasty/

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