The Pursuit of a Base at the End of the World

Since starting this game and discovering the breathtaking falls at the edge of the world, I have had but a simple, impossible dream; To build a base that overhangs the End of the World. It started as a meme of an idea, but the idea grew roots and has since gripped my mind, becoming an object of study, and now an obsession I've refused to let go. I spent the better part of two weeks trying to learn everything about this game that I can, from online resources to my own experimentation. I attempted many a test and trial in my solo game as well as in debug mode but have had difficulty finding a way to make this work. If anyone else can figure out a means to make this happen please share! A list of some of the stuff I have tried so far:

  • Raising a land bridge out towards the world's edge; It turns out that you can only raise or lower land so high beyond its generated height, and even then past a certain point the water becomes too deep to meaningfully influence the terrain

  • Building out to the edge of the map; Stability issues and water depth make this an impossibility

  • A combination of land bridging and building; this does increase the distance out I can build, but compared to the distance to world edge, the difference borders on negligible

  • Building at the edge of the map, underwater, in debug mode with god and flight on; Obviously this isn't an ideal solution, as I would like to be able to build this base in survival, however this attempt proved two things. The first: it is in fact possible to build at the worlds edge. However, due to building stability, you cant extend a building vertically enough to breach the water's surface. It is simply too deep. Secondly, The rushing currents at the edge of the map pervade even while flying, making building even in god mode a herculean task. Were one able to walk under the water they would quickly be swept away by the current, and no placed wall can prevent their movement – you simply clip through any structure you place. Fortunately, the wind and current that exists outside the world's boundaries and at its edge do not exist above sea level, meaning that a safe base could still be theoretically constructed

  • Elevating terrain at the world's edge in god mode; Same issue as the first attempt at building a land bridge. You simply cant raise the terrain high enough for it to be impactful

  • Building on the back of a Leviathan to overcome the support issue; Sadly, you cant place a workbench or building pieces on the back of a Leviathan or any of the boulders that spawn on it. The Leviathan is an entity like a mob, not a static terrain object. I attempted to combination land-bridge as well as build out to a leviathan that happened to spawn at the world's edge, and was able to reach the Leviathan at about a half way point. However this proved only that the leviathan provides no stability or foundation benefits to a built structure

  • Planting a pine tree on the sea floor at world's edge in attempt to make a "tree house" at the end of the world; it turns out you can plant trees at the edge of the world on the sea floor. However, they will not grow, and give a similar message to Barley planted in a meadows that "the environment is unsuitable" for the plant to grow to maturation

  • Spawning in the trailer longboat and exploiting the known bug that levels terrain to the boat's placed height; I haven't actually tried this, so I don't even know if it may work. The reason I haven't attempted as much is because this isn't possible in a non-cheating solo build – unless someone discovers like a really weird bug that lets you modify an entity's metadata somehow, and even then this seems like wistful thinking.

If anyone is interested in donating their time to science in the name of this dream, I would greatly appreciate to hear of any discoveries you make in the pursuit of the impossible base. Allfather watch over you all!


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