The role of cryptocurrency in Dota 2

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Hello everyone! I am a big fan of D2, and a couple of months ago, interested in cryptocurrency. Let me tell you, this is really moving fast right now, and this is probably our future. But it will not be about cryptocurrency, but about its possible impact on D2 and how it can influence gameplay and industry development.
Let’s think about what can be done at this stage of the development of the crypto industry and for what? I believe that first, you need to enlist the support of giants (for example, take the largest crypto exchange Binance). With their help, we can already make some crypto products. The first thing you can do is an internal gaming token, which will become the gaming currency. Let’s call it Ice-Frog-Token (IFT). Of course we will buy it with real money (fiat currency), in what ratio depends on various factors, for example 1 to 10 (1 USDT – 10 IFT), now we have a coin with which we can do anything: – it can be used to pay for things in the universe dota; It may have the right to vote in all matters relating to d2, its development, etc. (here I see enormous potential as often the community lacks a direct connection to the developer and IFT holders who are directly interested in the development of the game will be able to influence it) – the coin can be endowed with huge opportunities, as variant it can be given into the repository at interest (so that it multiplies), it can be sold, held, exchanged, crafted, given as a reward for some events, etc.
Now the question is why is it necessary at all? After all, it is not as bad as it is. My answer is simple and complex at the same time. The first thing I think we should do is, of course, to advertise and to attract money into the community. Now the crypto market is extremely volatile, it averages $2 trillion, which is not much by the standards of the global economy, but for us it is quite enough. Now imagine how many additional investors (both ordinary people and big players on the market) can be attracted to the community if the project succeeds. That’s at least tens of millions! Even the worst projects bring these numbers only through speculation, and if the D-2 community supports it will be a super push in the industry.

Further development of the game itself. Many people will have an additional incentive to play and earn (because money can be one of the strongest incentives), over time the game will only get better, as the gaming community will be able to directly influence its development at the expense of those who hold IFT.
Now you can fantasize about a product like NFT. I think you’ve heard of it before, and I won’t focus on that. I just want to direct your thinking to that question. Here I see in theory the attraction of huge funds to d2, as the NFT is now easier for people to understand (because they really see the product and what they pay for, it is easier for the psyche). Just imagine that your item on the hero will have the value of an NFT product that is sold on opensea for hundreds or thousands of dollars. In general, it is possible to fantasize for a long time, but the fact is that it should be done right now, and I think the developers and you and I (community d2) can help this.
Write down what you think about this, I’m sure there are a lot of people who know better about crypto money than I do, it would be interesting to discuss what problems d2 might face in integrating crypts.
Thank you for reading through and giving me your time.


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