The Steam Audio Module Coming to Tarkov Isn’t What You Think it Will Be

I feel the need to make this post after seeing several EFT streamers make false claims about the coming Steam Audio module.

It will NOT have reverberation or advanced occlusion. Nikia said this directly in a podcast, he said these modules are too CPU intensive but MIGHT be implemented in the future.

What IS coming is Steam Audio handling sound positioning, I'm not sure if he said there will be basic occlusion or not. So the "only" difference coming with Steam Audio in the next patch is sound positioning, so it will be easier to accurately position different sounds around and above you. You will be less likely to get confused.

This is the first iteration and it will be expanded on in the future.

This module has been given to the Hired Ops devs and implemented. While I'm not a fan of the game, it seemed to me like it was very clear and easy to tell where shots were coming from/landing. Footsteps in Hired Ops are much quieter than EFT but when I did here them their positioning was accurate. I feel like I could easily differentiate between above and below, which I can't in EFT a lot of the time.

I actually think in terms of sound positioning Hired Ops is better than CoD Modern Warfare.

TLDR; no reverberation or advanced occlusion, only sound positioning is coming with the first iteration of Steam Audio. Steam Audio doesn't mean new footstep sounds or anything like that, it's all about sound positioning.


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