The things people create on here are absolutely incredible, but…

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I feel like if I take inspiration from anything on here, that I'm a fraud. I have this corrosive feeling in my mind that if what I build isn't undeniably one hundred percent completely original, then it doesn't count. I've destroyed countless projects hours into construction because it resembles stuff I've seen on here. Every time I see a really pretty home I say to myself, "Wow. This one house makes everything you've built look like shit." or "Well, there goes that idea."

Now, I know it's pretty unrealistic, not to mention flat out dumb, to not take inspiration from anything, but the feeling only gets worse and worse the more I build. I know a simple solution would be to just stop whining and cease visiting this subreddit but I am genuinely impressed by what I see on here and I can't pull myself away. Call it lack of self-discipline but y'all got some pretty great stuff going on. I have so many things I want to do but my own thoughts are against me:

"Can you even think of anything yourself?"

"Of course you would use someone else's design."

"You can't even build a chimney without the roof collapsing!"

I guess it all boils down to just wanting something to call my own, and of my own design. To say, "Yeah, that's all me". I do have a base, but it predates me visiting here, plus it would be insane to destroy something that has so much inside it. Thanks for coming to me Ted talk, I gotta set up a camp for when they finally add shit to the Mistlands. Also, my pride and joy for reference (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about posting it some time):


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