There is no streamer privilege

People get all kinds of "privileges" other then their salaries for their jobs. People get free coffees, people can enter restricted areas, people can have authority over others, people can get all kinds of second hand money, discounts or whatnot. First responders get a lot of "privileges". Is that a problem?

Streamers are "known" people, They are streaming the game and, yes It is possible to hide their cheats, but They are still way more credible, then random xxpsydestroyerxx who says He was falsely banned from an anonymus account. Streamers aren 't anonymus and usually have their face and a lot of footage out in public.

They are public performers, celebrities, so obviously They will have "privileges". Nothing wrong with that.

They are advertising the game for BSG, They are way more credible, then random anonymus players, so obviously Its much faster and easier for them to get unbanned. This is like a payment for them.

Most of you who cry about streamer privilege, probably have privileges at your work place. Just imagine streamers are working for BSG, so obviously workers at their company should have and deserve better treatment then random people rioting on the streets destroying statues.

I dont have proof, but I can confidently say, there are a lot of cheaters now pushing this narrative of false bannes against BSG and trying to defame them. This is simply cancel culture working here and what will We get? Cheaters getting unbanned and BSG retreating from changes against RMT and this will result in the game continuing and even becoming a bigger cheater shithole.

The game will remain unplayable thanks to this.


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