Thermals undermine the value of this games amazing dynamic weather

Rainy night raids offer a lot of value in changing the pace of the game. I really enjoy the change up between them and normal night raids. Your hearing radius is reduced and your vision is extremely reduced. Often you may only see a blur even at a short distance in front of you. This adds a big change up to game play and how you move through a map.

A lot of raids have been quite enjoyable but most of my deaths have been to thermal users. Whether they are doing Test Drive Part 1 or looking for cultists it's feeling fairly common. If you can buy a thermal for twice as much as an expensive NVG setup it isn't a very high bar of entry. It's extremely powerful especially in adverse weather.

I think thermals cheapen the game play, detract from the variability of dynamic weather and are far too cheap to buy.

I don't like running them even though I can afford as it feels like cheating especially in adverse weather.


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