This game had/has really good potentional but..

Lets say, it has been abandoned, no any new event, still the same as last years, still many bugs, I reported these bugs and I dont see any improvement. When I shared a funny bug they wanted to repair it, the bug was totally harmless, just to kill boredom. But weirdly serious bugs in game doesnt get fixed.. Why? Deliver the bomb mission is still super buged, survivors are buged, tropical zone is totally buged/I dont even want to play this zone. Sometimes I get kicked out after mission, quests doesnt count.
Save the world was the first mode of Fortnite why did we end up here?.. (Its is my personal opinion)
I dont even have the taste to play it, its so repetitive, sorry.. I play it 3 years non-stop maybe its because of that I dont know. And dont even get me started with afk teammates 😀 no hate please >.<
(+ No birthday hero this year I believe, we had one quest for 1 or 2 birthday llamas I dont remember how many but it was really small amount, where is the time it has been repeatable quest ? I believe you collected cakes, earn 1000 tickets for birthday llamas, I remember I managed to get many of them..) And where is the TWINE PEAKS story missions? Still waiting for it


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