This game seems to be getting less and less fun.

I left EFT for a while due to the school year starting again, and it seems like whenever I come back to this game, it just gets worse. It's not that the game isn't smoother or that there isn't enough new content. The devs seem like they just want to make the game less enjoyable. I used to love playing on The Lab map, as I knew I could always get some excitement out of playing against the raiders. Now, it costs like 100k roubles just to get in. Even if I have the money for it, I can almost guarantee that I'll almost never play that map again. The timer to do your scav run increased to like 20 minutes, and you have to heal your PMC after you die, or wait for your obnoxiously slow healing to get you back into the game. I get that some things needed to be balanced as there were strategies that were much more effective than others for making money, but I can hardly play the game anymore. Why make it so much harder to do the most basic things?

Edit: Also you can't even put a pistol in your alpha container anymore. Like… what's even the point of that? maybe this is old news to you all but I can't be the only one that feels this way


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