This sub feels like this is CS:GO and devs just said “hey guys wassup we’ll just dump the whole bomb thing”

Because they did

I bought the game recently after a few "let's see how it goes" years since the game could be… let's say, twitchy. I think about buying it since one year, since netcode & queue times improved enough.

I needed the thing Tarkov provides, and now I finally have time and I'm ready for it, and I buy it right when the dynamic loot shitstorm begins

For me it won't matter, because I will have to play a shitload of months, even years, to be that Tarkovinator guy with a deep game sense & PvP consistency, so I will have all this time to discover the game and learn it as it is, and I have nothing to mourn.

But it is still rude to see that the part of the game on which the game was sold, aka insane CQB mechanics, is gone, and it hurts every dude who spent 5000+ hours sweating but caring for these crème de la crème CQB mechanics, and it hurts a lot ! The shitstorm is very understandable.

Still, I'm very curious how the meta will change over time, for the end of this wipe and the beginning of the next. But it would also be understandable if the playercount drops and does not rise ever again.


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