I can see why CQC is dead and nobody touches it.

After several hundred hours playing, I decided to queue CQC in the background as I was doing my missions and finally got into a game.

So you're telling me, FD in their infinite wisdom, decided that matchmaking is just a clusterfuck of "whoever turns up gets to play".

I'm brand new to CQC, managed to get to level 4 after about 10 battles and quit.

Playing deathmatch with 5 other players and the same two guys rinsed everyone else. I checked their stats, both 60,000+ CQC kills each.

They have the best ships, all the unlocks, they can drain your shields in 3 seconds and kill you in another 3 before you've even drained 2 rings of their shields.

It's a shame, because the concept could actually be very fun, but alas, FD fucked it with the execution. Now I see why nobody plays and the wait times are 30+ minutes for a match.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/oqtuw1/i_can_see_why_cqc_is_dead_and_nobody_touches_it/

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