Tips about the tarkov anniversary gift and trades with gp coins and a little bit about the wonders of trading.

Probs said before,

But gp coins can be used in plenty of trades, you can get 10 gen 4's, 25 m4's,100 five sevens (upgrade for hatchlings),50 fisher glocks, 33 decent ak 74's, 20 mashka helmets, 50 maska face sheilds, 20 suppressed p90's, and probs more i missed,

also if u like the guns you get for gp coins, stock up on them, they seem a little cheaper now, same with most gift items. of course this requires you have traders leveled up, but if you dont, i would personally save em but you could also sell the gp coins for around 20k each so in total around 2 mil in gp coins…

this might be obvious too some, but ik too many people who ignore trade options and end up spending like 200k on chops instead of 1 gpx phone, or buy thermals directly instead of that jager food trade thing/mechanic bitcoins. Might be a bad habit, but i legit horde pliers for altyns and please use plexi glass for face shields… idk, might be good to list any other great trades/awesome reasons for leveling up traders. (sorry for the slight rant, I just have too many friends who never do an tasks and end up spending 100k for rk2's and keymod mounts)…I guess go to town in the comments with tasks or no tasks and trades or no trades…happy aniversary battlestate, and hope everyone who reads gets a ledx on their next run

Edit/add on: also i was wrong on some of the gp coin trades being worth it because sometimes you can get decent gen 4's and helmets for cheaper on flea market, but i still stand by with some of the m4's and ak's if your not planning to go full meta build and mabe slap a few attachments on them, they are really good as it is… then again im not the type to go for a full meta perfect recoil ergo ratio build.. if the gun can shoot bullets without too much recoil, im fine.


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