Solo mode | Is the combat really to much team based?

Im a guy that quitted playing Apex. Today i tried it again (bcs the E3) and i felt it again, the weapon feeling, this movment it was just amazing. After 4-5 Games I slowly get frustrated, because in evry game i played noone did communicate, noone tried to play as a Team. Still I tried to hold on and hoped to find a Team that wanted to speak, but nothing.
And so Im asking myself again, why do we have no Solo mode?
One thing i always get as a reply is the combat is too Team based.

First I want to compare the team based combat to another game, called Overwatch. I know that Overwatch is not a Br at all, but it does have a Team based combat.

Overwatch does have Heros which only works with other Heros. (Bastion only works with Shield Heros)
Evry Apex Hero can work alone. Do we have one Legend that requires another Legend to even work prop.? Evry hero works on its own.

In Overwatch we have abilities that are very weak on their own but become very strong with the compination of others. (Graviton+Dragon, Nano+blade)
In Apex evry ability works on its own. ( We have some like Liflines passiv (only one part of it) or Mirages Passive which making no sens in solos, but Mirages Passive is even in Squads usless and Lifline does have still another passive that is even stronger.

In Overwatch you cant win alone.
In Apex you can.

So overall no Apex is not to much team based. There are no abilitys that work with another ability from a diffrent Legend, there is no Legend that only work with anothere.

I agree a balanced Solo mode is to much work, but most of us only want a option to play 1v1.


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