Troll warlord is really unplayable this patch

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His kit is really easy to play around against, he's too easy to be kited during battle trance:

Euls him, ghost/eblade yourself, force staff to break out of root, or even bkb to be full immune vs root.

Nullifier sucks on troll, 4.7k gold for 0 stats as a hero that needs to be in the middle of the fight, and you can't really use it during trance.

He needs more important items first than aghs, after like maelstrom/fury S&Y bkb basher/abyssal. And by the time you get the supports would have a good amount of defensive items. Ghost/glimmer/forcestaff/euls what ever.

He was at best decent before the abyssal-swiftblink-fury nerfs. Now he's so terrible. (personally since the abyssal active procs passive bash cd it's too hard as troll to kill a target in the 2sec window + not counting the popular status resist). Ursa and Faceless void are better heroes.

Most of the meta heroes make his game so hard: AA – Wyvern – puck – axe – lion (bonus tip: while hexed you are silenced, so you can't use ult after lvl 25 talent as troll when hexed).

Meta now is full of mixed damage, and troll's game is great if he's not facing bunch of magic damage/disables (which is popular unfortunately for him).

Personally, I want pre-rework troll back, his bash, old battle trance, and his frevor starts at 1 stack again. That will be a good start at least.

What you guys think?


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