Unpopular opinion: I like edu-smurf

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In the shadow of BSJ getting his viewers acc banned because of smurfing I would like to present my humble unpopular opinion that will make many players feel unpleasant. Educational smurf videos has helped me. So so much. Even with the general understanding of the heroes, of the game etc etc. And I love it.

I totally understand why you hate smurfs from the bottom of your soul. Every 5th game (approximately) I get stomped by one. It is SO FRUSTRATING. Yet, once I played against russian twitch streamer who was actually edu smurfing. At first I was pissed but in the end he practically gave me coaching for free (he corrected our team in so many things).

And I am not defending BSJ or saying if he is right or wrong. There are so many more edu smurfs to watch. But BSJ seemed pretty structured in a way.

What do you guys think?
(Sorry for bad englando)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qxqr9k/unpopular_opinion_i_like_edusmurf/

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