Saturday 8-12PM Raid Drop-ins WITH ROLES!


Saturday Nov 7th 8pm-12pm drop-in raids. When you die, leave the voice chat and head into the waiting room to find a new squad to play with. Duo's/Trio's (not including RATS) recommended. There are optional "roles" to add interesting dynamics.

Breif intro – "Why?"

I've had an idea for a while that would get groups of Tarkov gamers together to squad up without all of the downtime, caused by death, or waiting for your newbie friend to finish organizing his standard account inventory. Hopefully it could be a great way to meet other compatible squad mates!


ROLES AND SHOT CALLING IS OPTIONAL – but decide that BEFORE committing to a group up.

Players will choose a "role" to play in the squad. Try to fill the role description with your build. Each role has a general "kit" they need to build, and each role will be able to call the shots in their specialty.


Heavy Assault – Big, expensive helmet. Large magazines. Lots of grenades. Classic chad. Must have a helmet that covers entire head, and >=5 AC. ENGAGE.

Assault – All around generalist. Assault Rifle, some grenades. Second-in-command for micro movement.

Tactician – Light weight armor (<=5, thorax only), light weight weapons (SMG/Snipe, CQB and/or Fast movement focused). Able to call "Bail out!"

Marksman – Semi-auto large caliber rifles. Excel at range, but able to push buildings. Second in command for micro movement.

Sniper – Designated long-range. Sniper/pistol. Light weight armor. First in command for Macro movement.

Demolitions – Lots of grenades. Heavily CQB and building clearing focused. First in command for micro movement.

RAT – You are poor. You need loot. Basic weapons, low-tier armor (<=3 AC), flash bangs if desired. You take the gear scraps that the gods that are your squad mates bestow upon you, but while they're busy making murder, you can grab all of the loose loot you can fit. You also have no say in where the squad goes or how they engage, you're just along for the ride.

Hired RAT – Just like the RAT, but you have to take orders from your employer. You may be used to carry squad's gear or loot, loot for them, pack mags, or whatever else your employer wants, for a fee (recommended fee of one bitcoin, or a promise of a big share in the loot). Get a large backpack and a valuable from your employer at the beginning of the raid for your services. Bring an extra bag in case there are scraps.

Shot calling:

Macro Movement – Choose greater flow among the map. Decide where to move and when on the larger scale from POI (Point of Interest, such as Red Barn on Customs, or Power Station on Shoreline)

Micro Movement – In charge of the approach at each POI. Decides who moves where WITHIN the POI. Close-range tactician.

Bail Out! – Able to back out or flank to re-engage.

ENGAGE – Able to call "CHASE THOSE SHOTS" once per raid.

RAT – You don't take orders (Unless employed) and you don't give em. Free to roam and loot wherever, whenever. Just remember who keeps you safe, though.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested, and I can invite you to the discord!

Feel free to take this and adjust it for your groups (of 6 or greater!) if you think it's neat!

Leave comments on suggestions for improvements, or to discuss different roles/shot calling!


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