Unpopular Opinion: M995 change is good, and the best ammo(s) need to be limited more.

The whole point of having all these different ammo types is that they're all usable and viable in different situations. So tell me whats the point of having 8 other different types of ammo for that caliber if people are only ever gonna use one? It's boring and bad game design. If the only way to stop people from running the best ammo/armor every game is to limit it like this on the market and make them craft-able instead, then I say that's perfectly fine.

Diversity is good, meta is bad, and in a game like Tarkov where cost is one of their main balancing tools this change makes perfect sense. Although maybe make players only able to purchase a certain quantity per restock, similar to M80 from Peacekeeper, but still with actual bullet total instead of "a lot". So maybe people can buy 400 M995 per and them flea them, but naturally the market for lower quantities will sink so people won't be spending 1000/round.

All of you who are angry need to take a step back and realize this game isn't just who has the best aim, biggest magazine, or best ammo. Knowledge, luck, and skill all have their place in this game. Even with a pistol you can have just as good, or even a better raid that someone who brought in a full kit with their M995 packed meta M4. Relying on god tier ammo/armor only hinders your advancement as a player, and ours as a community.

Get out of your comfort zones people. There's so many viable strategies that are looked over just because of how meta this game can get. Have fun

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