Unpopular Opinion: rename game to Bloata 2

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

This is starting to remind me of WoW after the 5th/6th expansion. Too many abilities, too many side effects, too much thoughtless fluff. We're far passed diminishing returns. This is now built more like a mobile game for 4th graders and soccer moms. Am I too much of a boomer to realize this game is trying to turn into league? Or what is it – can someone tell me what has actually happened to this game? Are they aiming at 8-14 year old fortnite/minecraft crowd or what?

There are so many different aspects of the game this applies to. The bottom line is this. The game needs to deflate… by about 50% we need to reduce the amount of fluff. This ranges from neutral items to welfare gold/xp to aghs/shard upgrades, etc. All across the board they need to do another lookover and say "does the game actually benefit from this addition?".

Additionally they need to go back to every hero they've created since void spirit and ask themselves: does this hero addition benefit the game at all? Or are we just trying to get something new out for the sake of having something new?

Dota2 used to be a bunch of things, good and bad, but for sure each decision had more impact than now-a-days. The laning stage used to be really important, now it is literally erased by early mid game. Who cares if you get 15 denies against someone when welfare is going to normalize their networth/xp back into the game.

Speaking of normalizing stop normalizing. Zeus doesn't get a jump he's a glass cannon. So many stat gains have been normalized instead of there being unique outliers. Instead of nuance we now just have bloated chaos.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/t2snol/unpopular_opinion_rename_game_to_bloata_2/

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